"We've created an unlikely pair of housemates:
affordability and top quality."

As one of a just a small handful of companies who specialise in full property development management and can deliver services in all phases of the property lifecycle, Similan’s highly skilled team constantly seek new solutions to the dual challenge of creating the best possible homes, while sustaining an economically sound business model.

Starting with appointing and managing the professional team, each step in the process represents not only an opportunity to create high-quality homes for families, but also to develop clever solutions to existing problems.

1. Acquiring Land

In taking ownership of the project at the very earliest stage, Similan is able to establish the land as a secure asset, allowing for higher rental income and asset growth later. This initial process includes the land acquisition, as well as rights and finance applications.

2. Developing the Estate

In developing the property, Similan aims to create a cutting-edge estate that is energy-smart, sustainable and designed for happy living. All the homes are built according to energy efficiency regulations and the newer developments include solar geysers, as well as optional extras such as built-in grey water systems, smart solar energy and full photovoltaic systems.

Similan received the first EDGE Certification* awarded in Africa soil for Fourleaf Estate in Port Elizabeth.

Being involved with the development process from the ground up also allows Similan’s sister company, SmartMatter, to develop bespoke infrastructures that optimises the distribution, metering and retail of water and electricity.

3. Marketing the Homes

Packaging and pricing are critical to the successful occupancy of a new development and as the phases near completion, Similan’s marketing team has already been working to create visually enticing media campaigns that are perfectly tailored to the target market that was established in the first stages of the project. The roll-out includes cycle sensitive communication, dedicated community managers for on-the-ground support and agent toolkits.

4. Managing Leads and Contracts

As potential residents begin to view the development, Similan’s experienced team of rental and sales staff use the integrated management system to help people find their new homes. The centralised administrative support helps to create a smooth and efficient experience for each new resident, while services also include bond origination.

5. Managing Tenants

The risk of non-payment by tenants in rental properties is very real and a large source of lost revenue for developments. Similan’s Utilities Management App, an electronic wallet that gathers a tenant’s payments in one place, cuts out unnecessary admin, shows real-time usage, prioritises payments and makes it easy for both residents and managers to view real-time reports.

6. Managing Property

Similan, together with sister company SmartMatter, makes use of the latest smart technology, such as smart meters and the Utilities Management App, and operational processes to minimise the administration of invoicing, account reconciliation, debt collection and financial reporting.

Similan has also integrated insurance for the properties through King Price, another innovative solution for residents and management alike.

7. Reporting & Administration

The systems and process that have been built into the development literally from the ground up make the administration and reporting simpler and far less labour intensive.