We build communities, not houses

Through innovative problem solving and hands-on management of the entire property lifecycle, Similan Properties is creating beautiful, sustainable residential developments that are an accessible reality for the emerging middle class. At the heart of Similan Properties lies the dream of making beautifully designed residential developments accessible to all South Africans. Through innovative problem solving and hands-on management, the team is creating award-winning estates that people can truly call home...

It’s no surprise that interest in estate living is on the rise in South Africa!

There are many benefits for buyers investing in properties in gated estates, including a feeling of security and the sense of community, a neighbourhood where children play safely and beautifully landscaped green spaces.

Central locations in areas with easy access to transport connections, schools and shopping centres, combined with affordability and the potential for solid investment, make them the perfect choice for many South Africans.

When you then add cutting-edge sustainable solutions, the latest technology and a colourful design edge that’s uniquely local, you have contemporary living at its best – developed for South Africans by South Africans.

We’ve created an unlikely pair of housemates - affordability and quality